Postpartum Doula Services

I am here to help you establish your new normal and set you up with the tools and resources you will need for the months to come. I like to offer insight from my own experiences and doula training to help you understand what you need to feel supported and ultimately help you build your own toolbox. I hope to lighten your responsibilities and help limit life stressors to ensure that your primary focus is healing and recovery and that you can give your complete attention to your baby. My goal is to help make this transition easier by creating space for what you need and also to be a safe soundboard to reflect on this transition and its significance.

What I can offer?

•Listening ears
•No judgement
•My own experiences and perspectives
•Calm and supportive presence
•Ability to multitask and prioritize what needs to get done
•Adaptable and flexible

What my support looks like?

•Promote postpartum planning and ways to support your needs
•Nourishing food & meal prep
•Tips for recovery and healing
•Movement strategies and ways to better support your body after birth (pelvic floor information & resources)
•Feeding information (breast/chest & bottle feeding)
•Establishing routines/tips for making life easier
•Help establish boundaries
•Support self care for birther and other support people
•Baby care and infant support
•Partner and sibling support
•Offer insight and modeling on how to support birther and baby
•Light housework (dishes & kitchen tidying, laundry & folding, organizing & basic tidy up)
•Provide additional community resources & services

I'm here to help...

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